The First Four – The Flash


The two episodes of Arrow season two introducing Barry Allen were some of my favorites of the series and made me excited for The Flash spin-off, despite the fact I haven’t read more than a half-dozen issues of The Flash in my life.

Barry Allen injected a sense of fun and charm into a show that, though excellent, sometimes gets a tad grim. Like the relationship between Ollie and Barry, I hoped that The Flash series would turn out to be a lighter, cheerier foil to Arrow’s grit and darkness.

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Why Alfred Shoulda Been Gotham’s Hero


Despite what I might’ve written in my previous post, I’ve kept watching Fox’s new hit series, Gotham. The show’s ostensible protagonist is eventual Bat-ally, Detective James Gordon. But, honestly, after this week’s episode, I’m convinced a better show woulda chosen Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler and guardian, as its lead.

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The First Four – Gotham

I firmly believe that it is possible to judge a new show by its first four episodes. If a show doesn’t hook you by the time the fourth episode has ended, a viewer has every right and reason to skip the fifth episode—and every one after.

With this in mind, I’ve watched the first four episodes of Fox’s new Bat-series, Gotham.

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If You Like – The Walking Dead

I sometimes feel as though I’m the only horror fan who was and remains unimpressed with The Walking Dead. I watched the first season and thought it was okay, but I struggled to remember a single character’s name and could not care less about their fate.

The graphic novel was no better, and often traded on cliché. I gave up on both the show and the comic after completing the first season and volume, respectively. If, however, you enjoy The Walking Dead and are now looking for something similar (or better, if you ask me), then you may want to give the movies, books and graphic novels listed below a shot.

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The First Four

In four episodes, a new series has plenty of time to develop its characters and its plot, showing me why I should care about these people and hooking me with a few questions I’ll want answered. If the show creators can’t do this in four episodes, well, I’m sorry, but they’re simply not doing their jobs.

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Able-Bodied Hetero White Guy Problems

I wrote up this list because an Able-Bodied Hetero White Guy Privileges list would be far too long and exhausting.

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The two of you who visit this site regularly know that I write, have been writing for quite a long time, and would love to make a living as a writer. What you don’t know is that I have, at times, branched out into other forms of storytelling, including filmmaking.

I was never too serious about it and, in fact, I only ever completed one full project, a short film title Frizz-B. It was the first thing my buddy Paul and I made and it was really just meant as a test, a means to learning Adobe Premiere, but we actually got it done and a friend put it up on youtube so here it is.

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So, for a short period of time, I’ve had a profile on online dating site OKCupid. I’m not going to write about my experiences except to say that I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful women. From talking to those women, though, I came to understand that their experience on OKCupid is very […]

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So, in a fit of optimistic insanity, I have given myself the ridiculous goal of reading 300 books between January 1, 2013, and December 31, 2013. For those of you unfamiliar with calendars, that’s 300 books in a year and an average of 25 books per month.

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The Physics of Santa

So, there’re about two billion kids in the world and, if you deduct those of a non-Christian denomination, you’re left with just around 380 million children. Based on recent censuses (censi?), there’re 3.5 kids per household, for a total of approximately 92 million households. We can assume that there’s at least one good child per […]

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