Living Bangkok: One Year Down, Let’s Do One More


So, I’ve been here in Bangkok for nearly a year and, as some of you may know but many of you do not, I’ve decided to stay in Thailand’s capital for a second year. My initial plan was to stay here only a year and then move on to another country, likely Vietnam or maybe China, but, over the course of these last months, I’ve made Thai friends, begun to learn the language (nit noi), taken up muay thai (though I’ve been forced to take a multi-month long break due to a nagging foot injury that is just now beginning to fade), and I’ve come to truly love my little neighborhood, like a tiny town nestled in the big city.

Not everything has gone as smoothly as I would have liked: My current employer informed me that I could not stay at the same school, where I wanted to continue teaching, and the alternate position they offered me didn’t feel right at all, so I declined it. This means I’ll be looking for a new company and/or school to work with for the coming year, but with a year’s experience behind me and my boots on the ground, I don’t think doing so will be all too difficult.

Overall, though, things are great as the adventure continues—hell, it never really stops, with every single day a learning experience, big or small. So, if any of you wish to share in the adventure and come visit, please don’t hesitate. This time next year I’ll likely be preparing to move to . . . parts unknown, for now, but as of this writing, I’ll be in Bangkok one more year.



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